Quality Assurance Series

Product Recall & Media Handling

3 Hours

Customer illness or injury, dissatisfaction, and regulatory non-compliance often result in a food recall.  Therefore, it is essential to optimise a well-designed product recall plan to execute a food recall effectively.

This course will allow individuals and companies in the food industry to gain confidence in planning and performing mock recalls to test their organisational recall capabilities in the event of a serious food safety incident. It will also develop the necessary skills to document a food recall plan based on the industry best practice requirements. 

At the end of the course, attendees will be able to initiate an efficient recall plan through product traceability and mass balance activities that will allow them to improve their recall capability. 

When food companies are faced with negative reports on any food contamination incidents, in traditional and social media, it is crucial that the food companies involved can handle the reports amicably, thus reducing public panic and negative publicity.


Course Outline

  • Classification of Product Recall
  • Forward and Backward Traceability Systems
  • Food Recall Plan
  • Conducting a Mock Recall
  • Managing the Media

Who Should Attend

This course is designed and aimed for individuals in the food and business sectors responsible for food safety and quality assurance management.

It is also open to all individuals who are interested to work in the food industry. 



This course does not have any pre-requisite units for entry. 

It is recommended that individuals who have completed the Good Hygiene Practices and other Quality Assurance Programme to attend for a more complete understanding of food safety in the workplace. 

You should have a good knowledge of the requirements of food safety management systems and product traceability systems used in your workplace.


Exam and Certification

  • Participants will need to complete a three-hour live training and assessment at the end of the course. 
  • Participants will be required to achieve at least 80% of total marks in the assessment.
  • An electronic Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the online assessment.